AeroSeg Finned Tubes
    About KFP:

Kentube Finned Products is a division of Fintube, LLC. We have manufactured finned tubes for use in heat transfer applications since 1962

Kentube Finned Products began as a company with six MIG welded finning machines that provided finned tubing for the fired heater market. Kentube Finned Products started as a company that provided finned tubing for the fired-heater market. The addition of high-frequency finning equipment marked the beginning of a series of technological advances the company has been known for since the mid 1960s. In addition to these advances, the company also invested in capacity enhancements and productivity improvements in order to serve the needs of the HRSG marketplace.

Over the years, Kentube has been the leader in finning technology:
  • Pioneering the development of the high frequency resistance welded solid finned tube.
  • Introducing the first serrated high frequency resistance welded finned tubes.
  • Developing the newest generation of AeroSeg® serrated high frequency resistance welded finned tubes.
Kentube developed the manual for finning technology, first publishing the ESCOA TechnicalMmanual in 1969. Subsequent editions of this document have refined the ESCOA co-relations, the industry standard for rating finned tube performance.

In addition, through licensing agreements and technology exchanges, Kentube was instrumental in introducing high frequency welding technology in Belgium, Italy, Japan, China, Korea and India

One of the original signatories to the internationally-accepted resistance welded finning specification, Kentube’s current finning specification and standards are amongst the most rigorous in the world, exceeding the requirements of the International Specification.

Today we are ISO9001:2008 certified and are a leader in producing high quality products serving a worldwide market for a wide range of industries including refineries, petro-chemical facilities, paper mills, and power and co-generation facilities.

Our company, however, is much more than a finned tube manufacturer. Our complete in-house engineering, design, and fabricating capabilities produce a variety of customer-designed products, which are used throughout the world.