AeroSeg Finned Tubes
    KFP Innovation:

Kentube Finned Products has been the worldwide leader in finning technology
  • Pioneering the development of the high frequency resistance welded solid finned tube.
  • Introducing the first serrated high frequency resistance welded finned tubes.
  • Developing the newest generation of AeroSeg serrated high frequency resistance welded finned tubes.
Kentube’s experimental test facility for testing performance of finned tubes is the largest of its kind in the world, consisting of a 65-ft-long, completely instrumented, wind tunnel where hot gas, at up to a temperature of 1100 F, flows over finned tube bundles with cooling water on the tube side.

Fintube Testing Facility

Extensive experimental data from hundreds of tests performed have led to the ESCOA co-relations, the standard for rating finned tube performance.

Computational Fluid Dynamic studies in addition to pilot scale testing have been instrumental in the development of the newest generation of serrated finned tubes, the AeroSeg finned tubes.

With its patented shape, AeroSeg finned tubes can significantly decrease the heating surface required, leading to cost reductions and efficiency improvements in HRSGs and economizers.

Air Flow Over AeroSeg Finned Tubes

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